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yes sound packages and equipments



1st PACKAGE   Price $900.00

Check out our 1st Package:

1-16 channel PreSonus digital mixer, 2 Jbl 715 Srx serie and 2 jbl sub for F.O.H; 2 jbl srx 712 serie for Monitor. 2 crown XTI Amps, 4 shure wireless mics, 1 cd player including all cablings. 

Coverage area 100 people

Travel time will charge if more than 20 miles from YES Sound base.

PRICE $900.00

2nd Package $1500.00 Travel time will charge if more than 20 miles from Yes Sound base


Backline equipments and Monitoring

           Including 10 microphones and stands, all cables and accessories 

                          Call 718-926-0092 for the 3rd Package Prices

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